Your Flowers Are Withering

Passion PitChristmas has come early for yours truly, as I have just recieved tickets to one of the most anticipated homecoming shows, that Boston has seen in some time… Yes, I am talking about Passion Pit. If I had to publish a year-end list and reflected on the music that best shaped my year, Passion Pit would be right near the top.

Electronic music is once again on every-one’s minds as we have moved away from the techno-era of 12 minute never-ending beats and moved back into song craftsmanship and pop-sensibilities. This is what wonder-kid Michael Angelakos has created, with an interesting story of an original mixed-tape made for his sweetie on Valentine’s Day, that quickly ushered in a major-label deal, Michael proved with his full-length release, Manners,  that his talent was no fluke. What he does best, is craft original happy pop songs and synths that will leave you humming the melodies for days. The songs are the perfect blend of bittersweet lyrics coupled with music that evokes hope and happiness.

If you happen to be in Boston on 01/06/2010, please join me and catch the show at the House of Blues on Landsdowne Street. They will not be back in the States for some time as they head to Austrailia, Japan, and Europe. If you can’t make it, at least check out the new album!

Moth’s Wings - Passion Pit

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