Haiti Needs Our Help!!!!!

HaitiWyclef Jean who has famously championed his charity www.yele.org for helping the impoverished nation of Haiti in the past is reaching out for your help. Wyclef has always been a believer in the power of  music, and it is time to show that we understand what this means. The best way that YOU can help is by donating $5 to Yele Haiti!

This earthquake is the most devastating natural disaster to strike a country in our lifetime. This is worse than the Tsunami that struck 12/26/2004. Not in sheer numbers of dead, but that one country has been so completely devastated by a lone event. It is estimated that over 2 Million people sleep homeless tonight in Port Au Prince and that 33% of the country has been affected by this tragedy of epic proportions. Please do your part to help by donating $5.

You can do this  simply by:

  1. Text: Yele to 501501 (your phone company will ad $5 to your next phone bill)
  2. Go to www.yele.org if you can afford to give more than $5. 

Please support Wyclef and his charity. There are so many people living in sheer terror and complete loss right now. Let us use music to help!

Slumdog Millionaire (Featuring Cyndi Lauper) - Wyclef Jean

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