Trade This Safe Place for Brittle Wings

This is one of the most excited times I have ever had in writing for this blog. If you are a music fan, you always relish in the fact of discovering a band that not many other people know. The idea that you recognized something beautiful and pure, long before it gained in popularity…

A band that you could call your own.

I remember my uncle always speaking of seeing the Beatles in Hamburg in the early 1960’s. My friend Craig excited about this band “Nirvana” from his podunk town (Aberdeen) somewhere outside of Seattle. I remember seeing Dave Mathews Band in a little bar in Vail, Colorado back in 1994 and recognizing the greatness within. The butterflies in your stomach of new love.

This is your chance to truly discover something great!

Larcenist is a local unsigned Boston band that brings forth songs with a classic Americana/Roots-Rock sound coupled with some post-punk sensibilities tossed in the blender. They met five years ago during the revelry and onslaught of a Boston Saint Patrick’s Day, discovering that they all played instruments. The night’s festivities ending in a jam session and resultantly, the birth of Larcenist.

I had the chance to sit down with Larcenist recently at the Irish pub, The Field,  in Cambridge and we spoke about their history and music.
Four (of the current five) members hail from the Oswego-Syracuse area of upstate New York. They come from blue-collar towns, situated on the unforgiving Lake Ontario, where hard work and survival takes on generational pride. A place where the extreme contrast of the seasons, and the lonely lake winds evoke a thoughtful approach to life’s ups and downs.… or as my father would say, “Good People.”

After one self-titled release and a minor line-up change, last spring Larcenist released the EP, We Become the Hunted, and it has been on constant repeat on my iPod since discovery. They are five beautiful songs, haunting and reflective and demonstrate song-writing and musicianship that is older and wiser beyond their respective years. The band is self-described as, “Friends first… with the expectation that the music will evolve in ways unknown, but it will always be with one another.”

In The Studio

Larcenist are currently breaking down and prepping about 20 new songs for recording this summer, with a hopeful release this upcoming fall. My only personal hope is that we get to hear them all, as usually not that many songs make it onto an album. I believe that this band has the chance to become quite a sensation. Their music is heartfelt and fills the soul like a love letter.

Take a listen:

We Become the Hunted
Five fantastic songs with stripped down instrumentation, beautiful melodies, group harmonies, lush violin and incredible songwriting, here is my take on them:


A tale of reflection on family and the realization of what we wished we had taken advantage of in life. That the very hard work one’s father provides to ensure a life for his son that is better than his own upbringing, ultimately, is the thing that drives them apart. The hard work provided his son the availability of tastes that were different from his own and the loss of identity of who they were as a family.
“Well the boy didn’t want to learn to fix cars after school
Or go hunting on the weekends before church
It never crossed his mind that these were life skills I’m passing on
and would carry on our name”

Ocean City, Swallowing

I Think this song is best heard to try and digest, but to me it draws upon the self-destructive nature in all of us that rises to the surface when we don’t like what we see in the mirror or when we won’t subjugate ourselves to something.
“We don’t sleep
We destroy ourselves
We burn as hot as we can
In hopes of removing our reflections
We hate silver and we hate gold
Any gilded surface offering a glimpse
Of what we wouldn’t give
To be removed”

Morte Lenta

A Classic song-writing tale of infidelity, respect and repercussions. Johnny Cash couldn’t have sung it better. It translates to Slow Death in Italian.
“No more being taken for granted
In my hometown”

Last Hours of Being Young

Growing up, doing wrong, and proud of it.
“It’s been so long being good
Need a little taste of doing wrong
A few taps at the devil’s door to test your ground
And all the demons come rushing out”

Proud Life

The inevitability of when you let yourself down and how to get from the things that you do to the things that you should. This song needs no other explanation but a good listen.
“You can bet anyone that’s ever learned to respect themselves
They didn’t spend their whole lives proud.
There have been barstools swallowing paychecks
Lovers left waiting”

“There have been high hopes
Too far out of reach
New locks on old doors now it’s only outside looking in”

Larcenist is composed of five very talented members, all in their mid-late 20’s – early 30’s.
• Jonathan Tompkins – Drums/Vocals
• Steve Terry – Bass/Vocals and Multi-Instrumentalist
• Jonathan Shoeck – Piano/Guitar/Vocals
• Brandon Mastrangelo – Guitar/Vocals
• Valentin Splett – Violin/Vocals


Upcoming Shows: Check them out live!!

Larcenist has some great spring shows lined up including a great gig opening for Willy Mason at the Middle East and another great bill opening for Rocky Votolato at T.T. the Bears!!

• March 22 (Thurs), RADIO – w/ Humble Tripe, Somerville, MA

• March 23 (Fri), LOCAL 121 – w/ The Quahogs, Cactus Attack, Providence, RI

• May 3 (Thurs), MIDDLE EAST – w/Willy Mason, Tallahassee, & The Moonlight Mile, Cambridge, MA

• May 22 (Tues), T.T. The Bears Place -  w/Rocky Votolato, Cambridge, MA



A live Video of Faithful (unreleased) from a recent Larcenist Show:

WEB Presence

Larcenist on Tumbler

Larcenist on Facebook

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